Have you ever wanted to take a VIP trip to Rosarito? Now you can, Rosarito is a coastal resort city located in the northern part of Baja California near Tijuana in Mexico. It is often called Rosarito beach because of the well known Rosarito beach hotel. Many U.S. visitors are drawn to Rosarito because of it’s exciting nightlife, especially because it is close to the border.

Rosarito has a lot to offer, especially for adventurous travelers who appreciate the warm weather. There are many activities and experiences such as wellness and relaxation, gambling nightlife, shopping, camping and water sports which can be enjoyed. Rosarito is also known for its tantalizing food scene. It is home to different high-end restaurants that serve delicious delicacies from Japan to Mexico, Italy to France, almost anything you never imagined. Those who are interested in seafood are not left out as they can check out Puerto Nuevo lobster village or Popotla to buy fresh seafood or try the crab dish cangrejo Marciano.

In case you still aren’t sold on a trip to Rosarito, here are 5 amazing things to do in Rosarito Mexico:

  • Have Killer Pancakes for Breakfast from the Pancake Republic. The pancakes here are absolutely incredible and the bright and colourful atmosphere in the restaurant is top-notch. Have your breakfast like you never have before.
  • Horse Riding on the Beach. Riding a horse on a beautiful beach is not something that happens every day. Spend some time in Rosarito and never miss this fun activity.
  • Visit The Muelle de Rosarito. The Muelle de Rosarito is the fishing pier on la Playas de Rosarito. It has great views of the ocean and downtown Rosarito.
  • Check Out the Incredible Street Art. Spend any time in Rosarito and you would notice the colorful street art all over the place. It really makes the downtown area come alive with color.
  • Have the Best Taco of your Life at Tacos El Yaqui. Tacos El Yaqui is a casual lunch spot that might not look like much, but order a perrone and you will definitely be coming back for more. Make sure you show up early to avoid waiting in line.

Get your own specially-defined Rosarito experience. One so good you’ll say gracias while enjoying both the tacky and beautiful sides of Rosarito. It’s a VIP Tour around the beautiful streets and beaches of Rosarito. Book yours now and get your royalty-styled Rosarito VIP tour. Don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures!