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CBX Cross Border Xpress Transportation Service

Cross Border Xpress Transportation Service

Are you thinking of taking the Cross Border Xpress and want to know the best way to handle your transportation?

You have a number of options on hand: taxi, shuttle, car rental, and private car service. But your best option isn’t actually the one most people think. Let’s show you why…


CBX is an airport terminal with an access bridge, connecting San Diego in California to Tijuana in Mexico. Cross Border Xpress is popularly referred to as Tijuana Cross Border Terminal. It serves as a common ground for American and Mexican passengers. The 390 feet bridge provides access to several locations, including Mexico City, Monterrey, Cancun, and Loreto. 

It is a speedy, easy, and safe way to cross borders, reducing the usual hassle faced by international travelers. The CBX offers several services to make the customer experience the easiest it can be, including a shuttle service, car rentals, secure parking, and luggage transportation. 

Cross Border Xpress Transportation and Shuttles 

The CBX Cross Border Xpress offers several road transportations services. Ridesharing and taxis are available through Uber and Lyft, and private car services via companies like Elite Lux.

The CBX Shuttle is owned privately by Damaris. It operates from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm and then again from 10 pm. It operates along five main routes, with a few stops along the way. The main routes are from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Ysidro, Riverside, and Sacramento.

Shuttle vs Car Service: Which is Best for You?

Many passengers now prefer car service companies over shuttles and taxis, and for good reason.

Simply put, using a car service has several benefits over shuttles and taxis. While they can be cheap alternatives, they lack the professionalism and luxury a car service offers. Besides this, hiring a car is safer and more hygienic. 

The problem with shuttles is that they have specific, fixed routes. Sometimes, routes change without notice. They don’t drop you off at your destination, just near it, and that can be a problem with all the luggage you could be carrying.

A private car service ensures you’re dropped off at the door of your hotel or other destination. Your luggage will also be safer since it won’t be mixed up with the luggage of other passengers.

Many people complain of shuttles and cabs being smelly, having dirty seats, and littered floors. Car services make sure of hygienic conditions. Passengers can enjoy a pleasant experience.

Drivers in these private transportation services are also well-behaved and go under extensive training, making them trustworthy professionals with whom customer safety is guaranteed. This is especially important for traveling women, students, or families with children. 

Getting a taxi also means being subject to availability based on traffic, the time of the day, and how many drivers are available that day. You might experience delays in your plans because of being unable to book a taxi. On the other hand, your car service will be pre-booked and ready to board exactly at the specified time. You will also be paying a fixed, flat, pre-decided price, rather than traveling by the meter.

Elite Lux Services offers all these protections and more. We also provide the much-hyped Puerto Nuevo Lobster Run right out of the CBX. Famous for its lobster, Puerto Nuevo is not fully experienced without trying out the hip joints that serve authentic lobster dishes. The ride takes you to the heart of the village to ensure you have the best experience.

All in all, it will be more beneficial to go for a car service than take a shuttle or a taxi. A more personalized experience that ensures your absolute safety, cleanliness, and timely travel will make for a happy trip.

How much is a CBX Shuttle? 

The cost for the shuttle varies from destination to destination. A trip to and from the CBX via shuttle can cost anything from 6$ to 25$ or more per person. The shuttle fare from CBX to San Ysidro is 6$, while the fare to LA is 25$. For San Diego, it is 11$. 

Car services are available more cheaply than shuttles, given the better services they provide. A booking for your entire party can be done for a mere 20 to 30$.

You can also choose to ride in a luxury car or choose a more practical car according to your budget. This will not only cut costs but also offer a better experience at a lower overall price. 

Using a private car services is the best way to ensure your trip to Mexico is the best one. You can pre-book a ride, or even get one on the spot at CBX. Elite Lux Services offers a variety of options for your perusal. So, make the smart choice, and choose a good car service, over a subpar shuttle or cab.