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Puerto Nuevo Lobster Run

Puerto Nuevo Lobster Run

Those who know about Puerto Nuevo know it for one major thing. You guessed right, the mouthwatering LOBSTER of Puerto Nuevo. This is not just any lobster served on a plate, this is Lobster Estilo Puerto Nuevo. This small fishing village of the past has grown to become the lobster capital of Baja, and even San Diego for that matter. Many people from all over Mexico and surrounding parts of the United States visit Puerto Nuevo to get a taste of the delectable Puerto Nuevo Lobster. If you have a friend who has ever visited Puerto Nuevo and had a taste of the lobster served here, you should be familiar with the enchanting tales of huge plates of lobster, ice-cold beers, fun times with friends and the loud of belch of maximum satisfaction.

If you desire to craft your own enchanting tale of Puerto Nuevo Lobster, don’t hesitate to book your experience now. Elitelux services offers you an affordable ride down to Puerto Nuevo to enjoy the famous Lobster Estilo Puerto Nuevo, click the button below.

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